The Story of Our Farm

We had a dream: To raise new and interesting animals, but not for the purpose of food but for wool purposes. We traveled all the way to the Andes Mountain in South America. That was when we first met the Llamas and alpacas. It was love at first sight, and that is how the idea of bringing them to Israel came up.

We learned that the alpacas are a combination of the grace of a deer with the wool of a sheep but much finer and weighs much less, and are actually miniature camels. They had a main role in the economy and culture of the Incan empire.

For weeks we traveled between the villages of the Indians who are direct descendents of the famous Incan empire.

We chose the Llamas and Alpacas with much care, and when we collected a nice herd we took a special jet plane flight with a 190 llamas and alpacas to Israel.

We looked for a place in Israel which will be suitable for the animals. A high and dry place, and that's how we found the Negev highlands. Here, where a few wadis covered by nabatians terraces meet we established the Alpaca farm.

Soon we realized that the charm of the animals, the activity around the farm, the desert landscape and the idea of setteling the negev highlands made the farm an attractive visiting site for families, youth and tourists. We have had above a million visitors in the farm.

The craters, the landscape, and well, the desert, gave us the idea of developing horse back riding in the area. We bought wild horses suitable for desert riding and trained them in the farm- to the compliments and success around the world.

Through the years we found that the spinnaries in Israel are not capable of processing the delicate and colorful alpaca wool, which is very different from sheep wool. We established a spinnary in the farm which will be suitable for the alpaca wool and started making our own home made yarn.

Today we have a herd of 400 llamas and alpacas- maybe the biggest herd in the world. Here on the farm the whole cycle of wool production takes place- raising the animals, shearing them and making the yarn. That, along with the natural grace of these animals make this farm one of it's kind in the world.

We are very happy to have you here in our farm. Please contact us with every question or enquiry that you might have. 052-8977010 / 08-6588047

The farm's staff.